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by Brutal Youth

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released September 23, 2016



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Brutal Youth Toronto, Ontario

Brutal Youth are like a loaded gun just, point us at whatever needs to die.

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Track Name: I. Denial
there are times when I forget just how lucky I have been people slip and I'm no better just as guilty as the rest and it has not been lost on me I recognize there's tragedy in that we never truly realize what we had until it's gone victims of circumstance and self fulfilling prophecies the things we whisper to ourselves late at night to try and keep ourselves sane to numb the pain judgment gets clouded lost in negativity we all get lost sometimes but we'll find our way day by day and piece by piece so take these words for all they're worth you’ve gotta hold on to what you've got
Track Name: Chlorine
platonic plastic etched deep with dull keys we left our laughter in the deep end sinking heart from the sinking feeling I'd never see you again chlorine sterile conditions there was nothing between us
Track Name: The King
silence nothing about this is golden moments feel like they go on for days no chance of mutual understanding when we trip with every footstep we take we've got nothing in common and nothing to say I feel like you're a bit of a turncoat you'd swear that our sides are the same no hope of reconciliation when we both feel like the other's to blame we've got nothing in common nothing to say we’ve got nothing in common and no one to blame it’s all the same
Track Name: II. Anger
the words keep falling from our fucking heads and I didn't really mean what you thought I just said feelings are hurt now and egos are bound to be bruised no matter which way we go someone's bound to lose salt the wounds and let the flesh flare up marching on spectral orders this will swallow us travelling thoughtless and aimless the arrows fly scorched earth lay in the wake of a pointless night of talking in circles we’re just talking in circles communication breakdown
Track Name: Rogue Thoughts
I miss you I love you I'll always be proud of you hate every passing moment that you're away I see you I hear you wish I could still be near you you will forever remain my family and on my mind you're on my mind every single day rogue thoughts sweep me away but I’ll always come back to you I'll always come back to you
Track Name: Whiteway
I didn't see you see you reaching reaching for something something so real I didn't see it when it mattered the most an empty chamber just begging for shells I know you tried I know you tried I know you tried to end your life tried tried so fucking glad you're still alive
Track Name: Hostile Work Environment
we always made a mess out of mostly everything catastrophe after beautiful catastrophe setback after glorious setback catastrophe after fucking catastrophe we did our very best to weigh out every risk we made an enemy of expectation poised and prepared to fall it didn't stop it all from blowing up in our fucking faces setback after glorious setback catastrophe after fucking catastrophe always in the wrong place at the wrong time
Track Name: Sandpit
you know just what you want and you know how to get it abusive elusive you're fucking pathetic condition through coercion and enforce with a cheap threat masturbatory assertion of your stranglehold dominance sunk in so deep dogmatic and disguised as sympathetic you know just what you want and how to get it
Track Name: III. Bargaining
saw the writing on the wall and hoped to whitewash all my sins can't seem to sell it when the words fall out like fucking paper in the wind our opportunity costs are growing harder to neglect It all comes down to the question of how much more you're willing to invest wasting your time wasting my breath when it fades know when to quit smoking with lies from fires quenched you need to be pulled out but I want to drag you back in I know I said it all before and I'll say it all again insanity defined personified but I can't stand to watch this end wasting your time wasting my breath when it fades know when to fucking quit just one more month just one more day just one more time before it fades don't let it fade away
Track Name: Sanguine
heartbroken when will it end you stand up and you just to get knocked down again everything will turn out fine just look straight ahead and leave the worst behind and I know it hurts because I've been there too and it might get worse the only thing to do is just trust yourself and see it through sometimes hard times are unavoidable just trust yourself and see it through things will change for the better I have faith in you when you're down in the gutter keep your eyes on the stars
Track Name: IV. Depression
when it gets hard to stay dedicated to beating the odds when the world comes crashing down when you spiral deeper downward into black thoughts when the world comes crashing down if it's in you to continue don't let this be the end when it seems like no one can save you and you feel like giving in when the world comes crashing down when you’re feeling hopeless and helpless you've still got a friend when the world comes crashing down and I'll lend you all my strength and we'll rebuild everything if your whole world gets cold I'll give you all my hope to continue if it's in you to continue don't let this be the end
Track Name: Thick as Thieves
hand on my shoulder when you told me you would always be there still side by side your words ring true they criticize and feed us lies to fool us poison thoughts like "you can't trust anyone or you'll never make it" looks like we made it after all all things aside for once in our lives we got it right years pass us by and our friendships abide because we got it right hardships remind us who's on our side and that we got it right I’ll never try because I’d never find anyone who could replace you forever thick as fucking thieves
Track Name: Todd Serious
the phone rang as I was sitting in the car staring out back window on the passenger side as he spoke his voice broke choking over the line as he delivered the news that you had fallen and died the finality slowly crept in on me chipping away a wall of numbness and disbelief now I'm left with just silence and sick from the grief of losing somebody that meant so much to me and now you're gone now you're gone but I'll always carry you in my heart and in my mind tonight they scatter your ashes but your spirit remains in all the words that you penned and all the lives that you changed you were an inferno of passion and a pillar of strength you inspired us all with all your love and your rage and I hate that you've left us I’m scared and I'm lost I don't know what to do I just wish you weren't gone I still can't play your records I still can't hear your voice but I still see fire burning and I can still smell the hope I'm serious
Track Name: V. Acceptance
standing on ceremony lost sight of everything say nothing hold strong just fucking bite your tongue said if we fall we'd fall together instead we failed and fell apart in a world where nothing lasts forever cherish everything you've got keep note of those worth hanging on to let lost loves leave unending aches dull pain to keep you firmly grounded and aware of just how much there is at stake letting go or am I slipping letting go or am I losing fucking grip bile and blood and sweat and tears here's to the memories and I love you and I'll miss you thanks for the memories