Stay Honest

by Brutal Youth

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released April 2, 2013

Patty - Vox
Greg - Guitar
Kyle - Bass
Kaitie - Drums

All Songs by Brutal Youth
Mixed & Mastered by Greg Dawson @BWC Studios
Produced by Greg Dawson & Brutal Youth
Recorded Oct. 9-13, 2012



all rights reserved


Brutal Youth Toronto, Ontario

Brutal Youth are like a loaded gun just, point us at whatever needs to die.


  • Oct 27
    Gainesville, FL

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Track Name: 53°
The lights bring me back every single time. Green lines blurred across a starlit sky, and I reassess but don’t change my mind I know I made the right choice. Blanket the hills, bury the dead, the same one thought echoes and then whispered replies from bitter winds “this city hates you too.” As I lay down this throbbing head I hear the words repeat themselves. Don’t listen to a word they’ve said, they’ll never know. I guess some people never change. Some things will always stay the same. With nowhere to go and no one to blame, accept yourself. I guess some people never change and some things will always stay the same, but I won’t forget that one refrain “don’t forget to stay true to yourself.”
Track Name: Boul. Saint-Laurent
Glassy red eyes bloodshot with lies, it’s eating you. We do our best to hide how we feel inside and bury the truth. It’s too late to make right all the mistakes we made before. Despite how I try I watch my intentions hit the floor. I still don’t know where we went wrong or when we let go. Everything changed and I walked away, abandoned you. I was wrong and that’s the truth. I was wrong and there’s no excuse. I’d give anything to make it up to you. Where do we go from here?
Track Name: NL Time
Time bleeds off the clock, days laid to waste. Talking shit and savoring the taste.Mouths run dry with tales of glory days, and all the while there’s stories left to make. At this moment I wouldn’t change a single thing I’ve got your company and I need nothing more. I’ll reminisce when I’ve done everything until then I’ll try to make these moments last. When did the present get so tense? Stuck in the past, we’ve set our futures in cement. Life is dull but what did you expect? When nostalgia is exhaled with every breath. All we’ve got is right now.
Track Name: Hunting Wabbits
Some images you just can’t shake no matter how hard you try. Some lives can’t be saved despite the pleas that you make, no matter how much you cry. Grabbed tight by the neck and swung hard into pavement, teeth rinsed from the head by blood washed up the windpipe. Bloody sockets housing cold dead eyes. Those cold, dead eyes. I swore that I’d never forgive you for those eyes.
Track Name: 1Lb./Yr.
It’s all the things they’ve shown us and the stories they told us, we all fall apart sometimes and though you manage to pick up most of the pieces on occasion a few get left behind. Much as these holes feel so transparent they will grow over, give it time. The flesh will slowly mend, the scars will fade from sight, and we get stronger from the shit we survived. Everything will be alright, trust me, things get fucked up but we’ll be okay.
Track Name: Best Policy
You’re in control. The smell of ash, alkaline, hangs in the air on every word you choose. Hollow point vacant eyes penetrate the heart and tear clean through. You cheat, you deceive, and you lie all to maintain control. Every word falsified, your tongue is pathological. Points of view realigned, coerced, so you can keep control. It makes it easier on you. You’re a fucking liar.
Track Name: Albatross
Hide our frailty in disdain for broken record advice that we need but ignore. Split decision forks, one paved with eggshells, or, the same road you’ve gone down before. They will take until you have nothing left to give. And when you fall? You’ll fall down hard. Try to stay positive. I am always by your side and I will always be right here no matter what you go through. I’ll always be there for you, you are not alone.
Track Name: John Hughes Proverbs
Sometimes I ache for the simplicity of wasted nights, and all the days we let slip past our sleepy eyes. I miss the way that our integrity meant everything, the honest anger, romance, hope, desperation. So where the fuck did it all go wrong? Giving up and growing old are among the only things we’ve done. Where the fuck did it all go wrong and why did we let ourselves slip away? Gave up mistakes for making certainties of trivial things. Whitewash our wounds and let it sink into the skin. Comfort and compromise are commonplace in values exchanged for the heart shaped targets on our chests that we traded in. Resuscitate your life before its too late. Its not to late...
Track Name: Orca6050
Long pauses punctuate interrogation. No person spared humiliation. 5 months pass, a phone call rings and you said you understand how I must feel. What would you know about it anyway? Still waiting for an explanation.
Track Name: Millenium Falcon
Sell my time to clear my debts and wake up wishing I was dead. My life has become just time to kill. I’m going nowhere, standing still. So what are you waiting for? And what are you working towards? You’ve let a lifetime pass you by, take a chance and this time just try...
Track Name: Trim the Fat
No apologies, no accountability. You’re burning all your bridges. You make a “mistake” and then you make a play for sympathy. You’re burning all your bridges. It makes me sick. You’re so full of shit, just shut your fucking mouth. Nobody’s listening anyway. You fucking did this to yourself.
Track Name: For Pete
These are the best days of our lives, and I know that this will never last, and I know I can’t relive the past but I still fucking wish I could do this all over again.
Track Name: XPiss&WineX
The condescending questions never seem to fucking end. Stuck pandering to the insecure and it’s wearing fucking thin. “Don’t drink? Don’t smoke? Don’t Fuck?” Won’t spend my life on the defense. I’m proud of all my choices and I’m proud of all my friends. When they’re sober, when they’re drunk I’m by their side no matter what. There’s no fucking moral high ground here and nobody’s life is any better spent.
Track Name: Dwight
Late nights in parked cars with music so loud it drowns the world out and ensures secrets stay safe. “Presumptions can’t hurt us and accusations will never stop us.” The promises we shouldn't make. Once fire, now ashes, he stands so proud now with your spirit snuffed out. It’s tough to see loved ones tamed. Presumptions unnerved you and accusations in the long run hurt you. Those promises we couldn't keep. Blame falls between us and the fallout on each side runs deep with promises we couldn't keep.
Track Name: Embitterment
Lately I’ve been going through changes. Everything sucks and it’s been that way for ages. Brought down everyone around me but that’s too bad because it’s too late for feeling sorry. Maybe I’ll never let it go. I’m sick of the words “I told you so”. And yeah, I’ll probably never see my friends waiting there for me. Why do fools fall in love? I don’t give a shit because I’m none of the above. And you know everybody lies. I don’t give a shit so I won’t even try.
Track Name: Play Dead
This crisis of identity has worn it’s welcome out. Sick of second guesses we’re all unhappy with ourselves. So fine, fuck it, lay down, roll over and just die. You’ve already given up so why even try. Sell yourself short, sell yourself out until you believe you’ve got no choice. The world gets by by living lies that we’ve set out to run their course. So fine, fuck it, lay down, roll over and just die. We’re tired of misleading ourselves for no reason. We’ve tried, there’s no dealing with sad lives without meaning.
Track Name: Shortcut pt 2
Your heart burns golden, draw in deep and feed those flames, don't let them fade. Always look up it keeps your eyes from watering. When depression filters color to grey just hold your breath and count the days. Save scraps of paper and hold each fortune you’re prescribed in memory Always remember (fortune) cookies hold the best advice. When depression filters color to grey stand up and take your life back day by fucking day. And let them know this is ours. Abuse is commonplace. Standard in every case. You can try but you won’t wipe this smile off my face. No point in crying eyes I’ve got too short a time, you can say what you want but you won’t change my mind. Fuck ‘em all. Heavyhearted yesterday but we’re coming around.
Track Name: Theory of Relativity
What’s the point in defending from accusation when unjustly made? Why should I even worry when it makes no difference what I do or say. You think you’re right, I know you’re wrong. What’s the point in defending when all the stories seem to favor me? Why should I even worry? Fuck, it makes no difference what you do or say. I think I’m right, you know I’m wrong. Holding on to a grudge for this long, you can’t decide if you’re right or you’re wrong. We’re all heroes, villains, victims, it just depends which side of the story you’re on. So which side are you on?